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Alpha Hydroxy Acid Peels
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Alpha Hydroxy Acid Peels

The alpha-hydroxy acid (AHA) chemical peels are among the most popular of all peels. They are often sold as in-home peels in low concentrations. The stronger concentrations are performed by professionals, preferably in a physician-supervised setting. Depending on the expectations, an AHA peel may be applied at a higher concentration to achieve a more aggressive result.

Two things matter when considering peels. One is the pH of the peel, how acidic the peel is, how strong an effect it will have and what type of acid it is. The second consideration is the concentration of the peel and whether it is neutralized or not. You can have a 70% peel, but if you neutralize it, its not going to be so intense.
AHA Peels that are considered 'lunchtime peels' can be great for acne or for mild skin rejuvenation. Patients on Retin- A need to be very careful because it makes skin more sensitive. If you're on Retin- A and you don't tell the person who is peeling you, or if you have a rash, or your skin is particularly dry on that day, peels are going to have a much stronger effect and you can cause crusting and peeling and even scabbing with those kind of peels if you're not careful.
How AHA Peels Work
AHA Peels work by removing the dead skin layer on the surface of our skin, known as the stratum corneum. This improves the look of fine lines and wrinkles and strips away the plugs where acne bumps can form. AHA peels also increase cell turn over and improve sun damage.
What They Treat
AHA peels do a reasonably good job at improving acne and acne scarring, some fine lines and wrinkles, and exfoliating the skin. AHA peels may also be used to improve some spotting and pigmentation problems. Following an AHA peel the skin is usually smoother and has improved texture.
TCA Peel
Very Popular Peel
TCA peels are typically the most common type of chemical peel. Trichloroacetic acid (TCA) peels are another peel that, depending on their concentration, can be a deep or superficial peel. They work through their acidity, which burns away the surface skin, allowing new skin to heal in its place. It is advisable to wear sunscreen after having a TCA peel.
How TCA Peels Work
A TCA peel destroys the surface of the skin and allows new, smoother skin to come back and heal over in its place. A TCA solution is applied to the skin, typically for 10 to 15 minutes. The solution is then removed and within a few days new, smoother skin will emerge.
What It Treats
With a TCA peel you typically see some tightening of the skin, you get improvements in brown spots, reduction in surface blemishes, some smoothing out of pigment problems, and a general resurfacing.
Phenol Peel
A Phenol peel is usually the strongest type of peel offered. It is generally used on very deep wrinkles and severely aged skin. There is also a risk of hyperpigmentation with phenol peels. Recovery times with a phenol peel are usually the longest of any peel, sometimes a week or longer. It is usually used on the face. The results with a phenol peel are similar to those of CO2 laser resurfacing.
How Phenol Peels Work?
Phenol Peels work by removing the upper skin layer, going into the epidermis. The phenol solution is applied to the skin for approximately 10 minutes and the solution works by dissolving the skin cells. The strength of the peel will vary based on the concentration mixed by the practitioner.
What They Treat
Phenol peels remove deeper wrinkles and lines, as well as improve age spotting and pigmentation problems. There is, as mentioned, a substantial amount of downtime associated with phenol peels, as well as very high risk of side-effects, including cardiac risks.
Acne Scars
AHA Peels Can Improve Acne Scars
Chemical Peels such alpha hydroxy acid peels can help acne scarring in a way similar to topical retinoids. Stronger peels, such as TCA peels, are ablative and can remove the whole surface layer of the skin. In my opinion these are not first line treatments for acne scarring.
Acne Scars, Unpleasant Reminders
Acne is a difficult and unsightly problem. Initially we have to deal with the acne itself, then it adds to the problem by leaving scars on our skin, forever reminding us of our bad skin.
What Causes the Scars
Our skin has sebaceous glands, which produce oil to moisturize our skin. Acne-causing bacteria metabolize this oil and the by-product of this is irritating to the skin. As our skin becomes irritated, follicles can clog and collect debris. This may then erupt down into the deeper skin layer, the dermis, and further irritate the skin.
The dermis identifies this debris as a foreign body to be removed. As the body naturally responds to remove this debris, an inflammatory response takes place which can result in a scar. Acne scars are similar to other scars in that that are the result of a wound which has healed, leaving collagen behind. The difference is that the scars generally occur in the skin's deeper, dermis layer.
Comparison Chart- Which Chemical Peel is Right for Me?
Treatment Applications
Peel Type AHA Peels Salicylic Acid Peel TCA Peels - Low Concentration -35% TCA Peels - High Concentration Phenol Peels
Fine Lines Some Improvement Little Improvement Little Improvement Moderate Improvement Good Improvement
Acne Good Improvement Good Improvement Little Improvement Little Improvement Good Improvement
Acne Scars Little Improvement Little Improvement Some Improvement Moderate Improvement Good Improvement
Deep Wrinkles Little Improvement Little Improvement Little Improvement Moderate Improvement Good Improvement
Age Spots Some Improvement Some Improvement Moderate Improvement Good Improvement Good Improvement
Effects 1 to 3 months 1 to 3 months 3 to 6 months Year+ Year+
Risks Low Low Medium High Risks High (including Cardiac Risks)
High (Including Cardiac Risks) Short Short Generally Short Long Long
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